PA Goes the extra mile - part 2

stop Andy?” Amy called out. I decided that I would test out how much she liked her tiny little button being penetrated. With my cock still soaked in her juices, I placed my head on her bum hole. “You dirty boy,” I heard her say whilst still devouring the sweet innocent pussy in front of her. I took that as please proceed so slowly pushed myself

Lalola and Alex

it is then.” I smiled at him and then excused myself. I had to get away from him before I soaked through my panties and my work out shorts. I walked into the women's locker room to see if I can fix the problem. Once I got in the locker room I went to take a shower. The only thing I could think about was Alex and I kept getting wetter and wetter.

That Tone

cock presses into me and you tell me “wider” and that one simple word is instruction enough. My arse isn’t ready for you at all despite my efforts but you push your way in anyway and after the initial violation, it feels fucking awesome. “Oh yeah!” I say as you’re up to the hilt. “You’re the best bit of arse I’ve ever fucked because you’re so

My wife has a ball while I suck a cock

our last trip to Cumbria you would probably say that our sex life was not that adventurous, indeed it would almost certainly be dismissed as boring. I have to admit that this is in no way due lack of effort on my part. I have tried to encourage Judy as much as possible with variants on our activity but she just didn’t seem as interested in sex as

Are You Watching?

a sip of the drink he had made her, smiled and said, “This is perfect, but make the next one a little stronger.” Turning back to her meal preparations she said, “I did have something happen today that got me thinking about your beautiful cock, but I’ll tell you about it while we’re eating.”David put his arms around her waist and pulled her

The Beginning

on, she allowed me to eventually touch her in places where only her husband or she had touched; but for right now I’ll try to stick to the beginnings.Ellen came to me one day for her monthly bit of peace and quiet. It was unusually warm this day and Ellen had removed all her clothes today. She had always left her panties on in previous massages

Oren part 2

twitched, almost hitting the wand on its own. If you can do it twice, youll get a nice reward. T-twice!? Oren gasped. You shocked me four times, I think you can manage twice. Now do it before I change my mind about the reward. Oren swallowed hard as he looked down at the wand. This time he didnt hesitate as long, he just leaned his slender little

Loretta Chapter 2

cum".Zeus remained at attention, watchful, as Randy responded quickly and silently pushing in between Loretta's legs, taking her by surprise, Loretta's body was hit with an adrenaline rush, her clit pinging with excitement as Randy's tongue lapped up her sweet juices, her body shook with a mini orgasm.Loretta spread her legs further allowing

Part III – The Old Man and the Blonde

at me and said, “we all need to take a shower and get some sleep, I am really looking forward to making love to you later on today.”  We left the hot tub and walked down the hall leading to the shower room.  I was wondering, are we all going to take a shower together, thinking that would really be hot.  All still nude, we went into the shower and

I’m Not Amy

My name is Frederick Wagner. My family and friends call me Rick. I’m a lieutenant in the United States Navy stationed at NAS Oceana. I’m a naval aviator flying the F/A-18C Hornet, a multi-role fighter capable of speeds up to mach 1.8 (1,190 mph) at 40,000 feet. My parents still live in the same house where the three of us kids grew up in North

My first affair

member, it looked even bigger than it had felt. My pussy ached wanting to know if it would fit. He took me by the hand and sat me down on the bed. I stared at his cock for a second before taking it in my hand and stroking it. Naturally, I proceeded to suck on it as he moaned words of encouragement. As I sucked him, he pulled the top of my tankini

Unbelievable Summer Ch. 23

the soft material of her nightshirt. Paula groaned softly and shuddered. Her tongue slid between his lips, into his mouth where his met it. Lightning bolts of ecstasy arced through him. He shifted position so she was lying in his lap, their lips still joined. His hand slid, and under the nightshirt, onto her bare skin. Paula kept her lips pressed

Mistaken Identity Ch. 02

* * In the house, Noreen sent the girls up to play then perched on the arm of the chair he sat in. Keni and Harley sat on the couch that was acting as his bed. He looked at his brother and wondered why they both looked so serious. ‘So what is going on…?’ That made Harley and Keni exchange glances. Finally Keni spoke. ‘Noreen said you were in the

A Fool Stumbles Into Love Ch. 08

life, maybe this was the moment. As Cal’s manhood slowly drained away they continued to hold each other tightly. He kept cuddling and fondling her. He loved her so much. Slowly, side by side, deeply in love, holding one another in tight embrace they fell asleep. If the moment had passed for Cal, it hadn’t for Maureen. She’d felt his hot wet

Dust in the Wind

The old woman nodded approvingly, and I told them I certainly would come back. I kissed the hair of Tsegay, taking in the dark smell of her body, causing an even louder round of laughing and chatting. Then I left. I Before I walked through the door, I turned once more, in the hope to see another glimpse of Mehret, but to no avail. Once outside, I

Forced To Watch My Wife Have Secret Sex

noticed a slim packet of condoms in a side pocket, something she would never normally have on her. After another five minutes I grew restless and turned on the TV. I then hit a button by mistake and looked up at the screen and realized I was looking at the internal security camera footage. Since I didn't know the club well, I circled through some

My son's hero

to top it all off. How fucking stupid are you? You have to be the dumbest bitch I have ever met. You are just a stupid, old, fat, slutty kike, aren’t you?”I took his cock out of my mouth just long enough to say, “Yes, sir. I’m a stupid, old, fat, slutty kike.”After another 15 or 20 minutes, I finally felt him swell up. He pulled his cock out of

Tom’s Adventures Ch. 01 Pt. B

gave him a huge kiss! It was obvious she was using tongue. ‘Yeah, it doesn’t taste that bad!’ she agreed with a smile. Scott chose Emily and she chose truth. ‘When did you shave your pussy? It wasn’t shaved last night and why?’ ‘It was shaved today. It was shaved because I was dared too. It feels awesome!’ She turned and said, ‘OK, Tom. You’re

Making Time for Gina

Pull on my nipples!’ Gina took her hands and pushed on the back of my head, burying my face deeper into her tits. Gina let me out to catch a breath, but only one breath because before I knew it she had me laying on my back in the living room and she was frantically unbuttoning my shirt, biting and sucking on my nipples once they were exposed. I

A Riddick Chronicle

in sections that showed shaved scalp between the pink tufts. While helping Eve’s then-crew haul ass out of a certain prison’s warehouse with more than they’d paid for, the girl had shared some pretty wild stories. And one of them had been about how she got off fucking the sleeping crewmembers. She’d been detailed, flamboyantly specific in how it

The Eleventh Elven Elevation © Chapter one

Those puppy eyes of you embarrass me. You make me blush. Just don’t. And what’s the hurry, Girt?”“I got broadband since yesterday. My foster mother finally budged. Now I can start learning things on my own. In my own pace and not in this sluggish high school lobotomizing tempo we are at here to accommodate the slowest of the slowest. They are

Third Party

I saw Nils moisten his lips. Monique set about returning the oral favours she had received with matching enthusiasm. For much of the time she continued sucking and wanking, but occasionally she would remove the cock completely to admire what they had achieved together. Nils now was showing a jutting rigidity that did credit to a man in his

Ashlyn’s Accident

just hanging out with my cousin Ashlyn age 6 at my house just chilling. I kept looking at her just thinking how sexy she looked in her tank top and baggy shorts, I was also coming up with some ideas in the back of my mind of things I could possibly do to most private area. As we sat on the couch together she lifted her legs up and placed her sexy

Aria and The Guys Part 1

with its dark red walls, over stuffed couches, worn coffee tables, and the seemingly ingrained smell of freshly ground coffee beans. A sigh of contentment escapes from me as I lean back into the soft love seat. I can feel the morning rays of sunlight pouring in from the store front window bathing my skin in the most amazing warmth. I close my

A Spirit For The Ladies

Now fall back exhausted so you can recover.Slowly open your eyes to survey the scene. The room smells of sex. And, yes, you’re totally nude and your groin is covered in fluids. You and your chair will need some cleaning up. Look around. There’s nobody here. Better quickly get cleaned and dressed before anyone comes back. But you certainly do feel

My Boyfriend's Grandfather

my nipple as he stood beside the bed. I kept my eyes closed but could hear his heavy breathing and knew he was extremely aroused. Then I felt both of my nipples being licked simultaneously. My whole body began to tingle as they both began to suck on my young nipples. Stuart had been watching his grandson and I for long enough to know how much

My Sister Was Hot!

going to agree to that. Instead, I pulled her T-shirt all the way up and she helped me remove it and throw it away into the dark. I ran my hands over her bare back and ass, grabbed two handfuls of her long hair, then rolled us over. I quickly got out from under the sheet and looked at my sister’s nude body lying there on my bed. At the same time

Mrs. Patterson

everything in the cabinet. Just aim the remote at the TV and the magic happens behind closed doors.” I threw that little part in there to see what would happen. “Well there won’t be any magic going on behind closed doors right now. I have some errands to run soon,” she shot back, slowly coming to her knees before looking up at me. “Well help me

Shannon, Part 1

I promise. But, fuck, that feels so good!” I went back to work, tormenting her with a succession of teasing laps of my tongue—first to her clit, then dipping into her hot, wet, and obviously voracious cunt. She desperately tried not to thrash, but she was having little luck as she gasped and cried out for me to continue. I reached down, finally,


the wetness in them. I parted my legs open wide. He had on jogging pants with an elastic waist band. Bill thought…..‘She started this teasing stuff and now it comes down to what she must want. I can only take so much. Her hot body, long flowing hair, sweet face are pushing me over the line. Damn I want to fuck her so bad, but what’s the risk.

An Angel Like You

But many people still prefer buying local providing the design, finish and price are reasonably competitive. Innovation and keeping a couple of jumps ahead of pirates will keep many domestic producers solvent.’ CHAPTER 2 Drunk on cocktails, wine and brandy and excited about Darcy’s cock within reach and her change in career direction, Penny

If Your Ever Did Believe

was just slightly filtered by silk drapes hanging from the two windows on either side of the bed. It was the perfect setting for a song to just flow out. That evening there was no light. When Keith closed the door he reached in his pocket and pulled out a matchbox. He started lighting candles and then he lit a cigarette. I was overwhelmed. “You

Cathy and Chris Ch. 13

sigh, ‘He’d probably forgive you for selling his darlin’ little place to buy it.’ Chris and Cathy’s eyes met, over their mugs. His signal said, ‘let her have that one – don’t bite.’ Cathy’s didn’t. ‘That was the problem Maureen, it was waaaaaaaay to little. I have two rapidly growing children who were trying to grow up in a box room split in

The Vacation part2 Me and Laura

tightly around my dick squeezing it so hard it started to hurt a little. Just as I was about to move my hand up and down and make my younger cousin give me a handjob a guilty feeling washed over me like a cold bucket of water in the middle of a heat wave and I let her hand go. The timing couldnt be better just as we let each other go from out

The Model

was my first semester at art school and I was loving it. To be able to go to school and draw, paint, and create, and eventually get paid for it was my dream. But today would change everything. I was taking a figure drawing class and this was my first class observing drawing a nude model. As I set up my supplies the models, both male and female,

Vision of the Spirit Ch. 13

Penny the pampered, leaned back. ‘Begin.’ Willie and Annie simultaneously squeezed the suction bulbs. ‘A baby sucks about 50 times a minute, so don’t be afraid you’re going to fast.’ Willie pumped faster. Nothing happened for a minute, and then the mother’s milk began to flow into the bottle. He shared a triumphant grin with Penny and Annie.

My second date with Daniel

his cock was right up against my pussy.I pushed back onto him and I could feel it slowly sliding up inside me but it didnt feel comfortable so I eased up so the head was almost out and then I slid down onto it again, it took 4 times attempts until it was all the way inside me. I sat there with his cock burried deep in my pussy gripping it with my

My Well-Fed Cuckold Husband

stopped taking my birth control pills. I don’t mean to brag on myself, but just so you know, I was very attractive with short and sassy, dishwater blonde hair and sparkling green eyes, and at 5’ 3” and 115 pounds, you would hardly know that I had a daughter. I also had full, D-cup breasts which were firm despite having breast-fed my daughter, and

Showing My Ex What I Really Liked

I said and they stripped off their clothes and three nice hard cocks came into view. "Oh yeah, nice" I said and reached for two and suced the other into my mouth as I sat on the edge of the bed. My hands were around two nice sized cocks and my mouth sucked one down till it was half way in and hitting the back of my throat. "Oh nice hun, very

Our new baby sitter's mum (1)

afterwards. She supervised Phillipa and Mary's meal then took them into the living room for story time. When we left Wendy, still naked, was sitting in the living room with our two naked beauties sitting on her lap and playing with her nipples while she read to them from their favourite book of fairy tales.We had told Wendy that we expected to

Maryland My Maryland

south. Remember Scarlett O’Hara, ‘I’ll sell you south. I swear I will.’ With the near complete end of the ‘African trade’ a new industry emerged. Numerous Maryland farms became ‘breeding’ stations. The custom was if a woman could produce ten live babies in ten years she was set free. This was one of the more unpleasant aspects of the nation’s

Continuing my experience with my French friend

his cock, taking more of him inside my mouth. I heard him let out a slight moan as I started sucking harder and harder, wanting to please him even more. I took him out of my mouth and started sucking on his balls, while I rubbed my hand up and down his cock. I heard him inhale quickly, and wrapped my lips around his cock again as he came in my

The Odd Boy

he said, “Then you don’t take after your dad or me… Growing up, we often had wanking competitions, to see who could cum the quickest, and shoot the furthest.” He then continued, “Your dad always shot the quickest, but I out-shot him by a mile.”We lay in silence for a while before he said, “Want to have a wanking competition?”I was totally

Sheryl 2

I wasn’t sure what she was doing, then to my surprise she took my dick and placed it inside of here. Wow, I had never been fucked in that positions before (by that I mean with someone squatting). She had complete control of how much she was taking in, and how hard. She would switch from having only my head inside of her, and lifting up and down

Goldee Lox& the 3 Bears

only his finger, into her awaiting pussy, then two. Goldee moaned. Grizz rubbed his 12 cock at the opening of her tunnel, before plunging deep into her, then slowing pulling out. He repeated this motion at least 3 times, causing Goldee to beg him to fuck her. He fucked her so hard with that big dick that she could feel him tapping on her kidneys.

Stuck In The Elevator

too. They usually did. “Sure. Do whatever you’d like.” Julie took off her jacket and her top. She unzipped her skirt and put it on the floor. She was now wearing a white lacy bra and white panties. She had thigh high stockings on and her heels. “Wow. You’re hot! You look like a living doll!” “You’re just about the hottest guy I’ve ever seen.

Hugo From Pode Hole

yet to purchase a computer notebook and memory sticks to use as backups.’ Fred sighed. ‘God what a bad impression of America this must give you.’ ‘True Fred but I now have a real experience to write into fiction, giving it some authenticity to people in the know. Arriving at your home has already more than offset this little adverse experience.


care. The woman’s voice brings me back to reality. ‘Now take off your shoes, pull down your pants and step out of them. Return your hands to the counter palm down and spread your legs slightly further. As he strikes your bare ass I want you to take your right hand and play with yourself. Rub that cunt until you cum. Show us what a wanton whore

Lustful Sin & Closest Kin, part nine

into my ass until she lodged it up against my prostate. As she did this, her other hand began rubbing her wet cunt and sensitive clit. She was moaning as she frigged herself with the fingers of one hand, while the fingers of her other hand expertly held my nuts down and prodded into my prostate, all the while she was bobbing her pretty face up

His First Piece Of Ass

thought we’d do some bar-hoping.”“Bump and grind huh, well at least you two are getting some, I hate to admit it, but I haven’t even fucked a chick yet. That was my plan tonight, pick up a gal, and have her take my male cherry.” Ray spoke, “Don’t be ashamed to admit you’re a virgin man. Any luck picking up a chick?”“Not really most of them act

One Big Horny Weasley Family - chapter 10 (reformatted)

very sorry-“ The man’s voice was cut off in a crunch of breaking cartilage and exploding blood as Ron’s fist broke his nose. It was a very satisfying feeling and he felt his frustration and confusion drain away.“You don’t hit women,” Ron growled as the man sank to the floor. The elevator dinged, and the door opened. “Are,” he started to say

Check You Out…

care of the grocery list, but had been called into work as they had some urgent order to complete, so the shopping list was left in my less than capable hands. I wandered up and down the aisles, trying to find the items from the list and to be perfectly honest, making an absolute hash of it. I tried to concentrate, but there were far too many

Sexy Cousin Dee Loses Anal Virginity

neck and turned her around.Dee was breathing hard from the passionate kiss and obediently turned her body. I came close to her from behind and whispered in her ear, “From this moment on, you will do exactly as I say. Ok?” I said to her in a stern and serious manner. I wanted to have complete control over the situation and meant to make it one of

The Pills (part 1)

the last thing I expected happened.Her eyes finally dart open and she says “No Helen you can’t leave now, I need you so badly”. I’m just frozen as she kneels up and wraps herself around me as she starts to kiss me on the cheek, and licks down to my shoulder and gives me such a hot kiss on my neck and goes back up and looks at me and says “Im so

One hot summer chapter 1

Let’s make the best of it."That day was a turning point for me for another reason. There was little or no discussion about sexuality in those days, and my Mum was very uncomfortable with teen issues, particularly boy’s ones. So, I couldn’t raise them with her. But, in Rob’s Mum, I now had someone with whom I could openly discuss my concerns. My

A Face in the Crowd

people back to this rotting building. If everything went as planned, not a single person above would ever know she and Matt were there. But the best laid plans are only plans. Slowly, Charlie closed the door behind her and stared forward into utter darkness. She slid her goggles into place, shined the infrared ahead of her and began to move,

The Three Graces Ch. 3

have his club so he hid. He says he heard the spirits pass overhead. That is all. He hurried home before Jaguar could find him.’ Walter told the guide to thank them and moved to stand. The guide looked at him in amazement. ‘You’re want to go now? It’s dark.’ Walter smiled and thought maybe those myths and legends weren’t so foolish after all and

My dad - part 2

fucking my mouth and I had gotten pretty good at it. I never missed a drop of his cum and I liked the taste. He would pause and have me lick off his precum and sometimes rub his cock on my face. Once he pulled out just as he shot off and got it all over my face. I licked it off and felt cheated. But this night he paused and pulled away and

A Morning in Dublin

in.God, this is what your pussy had hungered for all morningHe pumps in and out, slow out, hard and fast in. The shower splashes down between the two bodies. Streams of water run down your stomach and over your pussy.Suddenly you have to suck the swollen head of the hard cock that is fucking you.“I need to suck you now!” He moves back and your

She Wanted A Threesome With Another Guy

skirts to show off her gorgeous legs.Not long after she moved in, I started to notice porn sites in my browser history. She had been using my laptop while I was at work and had forgotten to clear the browser. All the links pointed to videos of threesomes, always of two guys and a girl being fucked in various ways. This continued for a few weeks

A Clear Conscience IV

back, and before I knew it, we started making out. Lanie put her hands on my shoulders while I put my hands on her tits and gently squeezed them over her shirt.After about half a minute of making-out, Lanie pulled her shirt over her head, and unsnapped her bra. I did the same, and quickly pulled off my t-shirt. Lanie grinned at me and rubbed my

Subway Girl Ch. 13

at some corny books about the stages of grief and one about loving someone who self-harms. Margaret asked for three sessions but I ended up going for five extra and it wasn’t bad at all. I think some of the things I learned will help me with Alicia and even with my dad, so all in all I am glad for Doug and his big fat mouth. ***** Alicia

Five Days of Paradise (2)

porn. This would be the best chance for me to find it out if he was interested: lesbo means I want nothing to do with anything gay, regular means either Im bi or Im fine with some dick, as long as its mostly boobs and Vijay-jay, and gay means Im Gay! <,3 So I waited for a few minutes, then he said, Im going to sleep, Ill be in the bathroom for

Steamy Surprises

fill of me. ‘Not so fast, now…’re not wet enough yet,’ and with that you quickly dive back into my pussy, this time with your tongue. Placing one hand on top of your head, and the other behind your neck, I try to push myself into your face. You eagerly oblige, sliding your hands around my hips and pulling me almost onto your face. I knew

Cum Tasting

like me, you have. Since I was a young man, I’ve been fascinated by it and wonder how it tasted.I would jerk off and tell myself that I was going to taste it. I couldn’t wait to try it.The problem was that as soon as I came, I changed my mind.One night, my girlfriend, Gina and I were at my apartment. She was giving me a fabulous blowjob and it

The Arrangement

you know what I study? Huh? Do you? Medicine. I’m a fucking trainee doctor, top of my class.” “So you’re better than me? Is that it?” Daniel laughed. “Look at you - cheap dress, scuffed shoes, fake designer handbag. A student loan and a bar job don’t go far, do they?” Ruth’s cheeks burned. “You need me,” he scoffed. “The last tenant living here

My girlfriend, her mother, and her cousin

slowly.Sean then lifted Amanda’s both legs up a little higher and dropped to his knees. He began to lick her piss-soaked pussy, lapping up every drop. Without warning, Amanda let another gush of pee loose, right into his open mouth, which he immediately swallowed, sucking on her juicy cunt, begging her sexy pussy for more. Taking control, Amanda

A Valentine Treat

At first I thought he must be room service. Well he was room service, not in the usual manner but the service I got from him that night was top notch. I guess the wine was working extra hard because I hardly flinched or for that matter I never even reached for the covers to conceal my pussy as the young man and my husband approach the bed. All I

I love to tease

left by my dripping pussy. I lick it up, running my tongue all over your chest and down your belly, before I blow hot air over your straining cock. It looks so delicious. My tongue touches the head and I taste your precum. I have to have more, so I drop to my knees in front of you, grasp your hard cock and pull it towards me. I lick the precum

A Fresh Start

down. “Hey.. I wasn’t sure you were in with the door as it was.” she bit her lip and offered the parcel forward. “I got you a housewarming present. Just to say hi, you know?”Alexia looked down at the parcel, eyes going wide. Just to say hi? After all she had already done? “Oh my.. Emily.. Thank you.. But I really can't.. You’ve done so much for


the 1968 version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet the kissing and such. It was not like that. She kissed her way down to my waist and pulled my shorts down while licking my nips. Which gave me a second thought…..She once again greedily took my cock in her hand and shoved her mouth down on it.“mmmhmmmm!” she moaned while she took her mouth off my

The Waves

strands while he waited for her to tell him what her body already had. He knew by the way she curled up in a ball and held back the sighs that she was beginning to obsess about something. He decided he needed to get her to talk about it – to help her straighten things in her mind before they became too tangled. “What is it Carrie?” he whispered

Rider of the storm- prelog

Give it all to me. Jerk that big load right out of you long dick baby." He couldn't resist her any more. And he let lose his first load in a long time. He opened his eyes. His dick had become a dark red now and swollen with anticipation. And then his hard cock shoot close to 7 or 8 long thick ropes of cum. Covering the pillow with his hot load.

The Chronicles of Mark and Jennifer Ch. 02

be, and this student slums apartment doesn’t have a shower, so it’s baths for me. I shampooed and washed up, and then shaved. Time to pick out the right clothes. Well, for me, that meant khakis. This was a few years before the preppy look was in, but I still had some khakis. We weren’t allowed to wear jeans in high school, so I had several pairs

What Now?

ten hours of sleep. Now I’m lucky to clear six and I wonder if that’s my problem. My dad said it’s because I’m getting older. I think it’s because my brain is tired of rehashing my problems in my dreams. Let’s talk about nightmares – I used to have one a year. Now I have three a week. I don’t wake up in cold sweats, or screaming, just with a

Sisterhood of Sin -- 30 -- Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead

Cate. One is my real identity, and that belongs to Cate Confidence. And the third is another US passport, under the name of Simone Chartreuse, my new sisterhood alias, who gets Sister Cate, my naughty nun persona, by default. Simone is a tan card sister with little prospect of achieving blue card status. Her profile looks so boring that she will

The Cuckolded Reviewer - Part VII

wives being fucked by other men. All seemed to have one thing in common and that was the surprise of the extent of their wife’s enjoyment. I looked at Trish; I saw the contortions in her face and I heard her screams of ecstasy and I agreed with what those other men had also said, “Never seen her like that with me!” Was it because their lover was

Scat Dinner Party

gig, clean my pussy with your tongue." I ate with gusto and she came over and over on my face as I sucked both our juices out of her box. When she had finished she dressed and told me to keep quiet. She had nothing to worry about there. I wasn't blowing this.My parents went out every Saturday night and she trained me well. I'll never forget the

Suzie Demands Her Rights

Mel obliged, getting on her knees between Sue's legs and resting on her forearms to go down on her. Sue then told me to step over her face, which I did, facing Mel, and Sue took my cock into her mouth and started softly sucking on it, using lots of tongue for stimulation.After a few minutes I was erect in her mouth, so she removed my cock and

A Vacation in Mexico

full staff. I smiled and asked the girls if they would like to accompany me back to my RV. Both girls instantly said, “Nothing would make us happier right now.”We quickly grabbed our clothes and hurried back to my RV. We were in such a rush, that they didn’t even bother putting their underwear back on. I pulled the door open and walked in; both

7. The Patriots Ch. 19-21

look on Micah’s face. The patient way he asked if there was something bothering her. The small, relieved smile he made when she falsely assured him everything was fine. She had meant to tell him after his time trial race, but when he won and she saw how happy he was, and how happy his family were she just couldn’t do it. She let herself be swept

Brooke's Tale Part B

you". i stammered. truth be told, i was past caring what my best friend thought, as i lunged for her breasts, and devoured them eagerly. her nipples tasted great, and i eagerly sucked on her pert tits, licking aroung the areolae as she froze in shock.before she could do anything, i wrapped my arms around her tightly, mashing her body against

The Wolf That Wasn’t There Ch. 02

guy and the dog didn’t seem to want to see him either.” Phil explained, “I guess all those years as a P.I. made me paranoid.” “Hey, don’t knock paranoid. Paranoid is good.” Wendy replied, standing again, “Now, enough conspiracy talk. Let’s get stoned and watch some porn.” “Works for me.” Thirty minutes later, both people were relaxing in Phil’s

Breaking the Norm Ch. 02

eyes had the pleasure of laying eyes on. ‘Do you think we can work something out?’ These were the last words I heard her murmur, not having a clue, I could only assume she was trying to cut a deal with me. My erection was surely visible in the thin company issued slacks I was wearing. I caught a glimpse of her steeling a peek at my package and

First time i came

had not been much adventurous so far. I was scared if theres bleeding, mom will know and find out what i had been doing. Yet, my body was controlling me now and icouldnt stop myself. However, i tried to rub myself slower than before now. Probably its in vain, i thought.Then i thought that if it was indeed related to self pleasure, i should think

Evan’s Life

to work with when he arrived. This had been done, and he felt better knowing that the house was taken of by Sam, at his request. Sam even told Evan to take just his personal belongings, No furniture, lawn equipment etc. While this confused Evan at first, it became clear when he learned that a home was waiting for him. He had been traveling for a

Garwyli 01

fired up my the computer and the various monitors, sitting back while it booted, instead of the book I was working on my thesis, a critique of the relative merits of sections of the penal code of differing nations, the British model and it’s Canadian derivative against the American system. The raw statistics of the number of offences had almost

A Chance Meeting

was fucking.” Looking me up and down he licked his lips. "It's very thoughtful of you to dress for me," he said. He stepped across to me, one hand under the front of the dressing gown feeling my balls, the other caressing my buttocks through the silk; his own robe parted as his erection began to rise. A hand gently to my shoulder told me what to

Fran in Service Day 02 Ch. 03-06

to shoot the scene. The men could tell that both of the women were under the control of the drug. Their embrace was passionate as they continued to kiss and rub their bodies together. Picking Fran up the man motioned the girl to follow and proceeded to the bedroom. They found a king-sized bed with a mirror on the ceiling in the well lit room. He

A New Day, A New Us part 11

dressed and talk a little about school. Yano tells me that she’ll be there when I fight Kyle. I thank her and I get a kiss on the cheek from her, and one on the mouth from Katy. I feel my member twitch at the sight. Katy and I head back home on my bike refreshed and alert. Thankfully, we get in just in time for dinner. Katy and I sit down and

What dreams may be

away. It was almost like she was nervous, but I shook my head for thinking such foolish thoughts. The rest of the day dragged on and at one point time seemed to stand still, but I finally made it to eight 'o clock. I didn’t want to show up right at eight so I waited a little longer before setting out. When I got to the party I was surprised to

The Teacher and the Secretary (part2)

face on the mattress, almost screaming into it. The pleasure was so intense, just like yesterday. My pussy went into spasms, making my legs shake. There was a final hard thrust from Richard’s huge cock, before he pulled out and shot his hot load onto my little round ass. I collapsed forwards, hands grasping the pillow in front of me. He grabbed

Charmed to the Tenth Ch. 05

and she begged to take the lot. She came over this morning. Oh, um that reminds me. I have a lot more to tell you. But I really need to soak in my grotto and I… um…’ her face turned bright red and she looked like a deer in headlights. ‘I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do here. I have to go soak in my tub and unwind but, um, you’re here.’ She

White Slavery or is it Really Part 8

and leave the lady alone! But Brutus was having none of this, and continued to lap at her cunt with even more determination than ever. As the owner of the dog came closer, Adanna was uncertain as to what she should do?. The owner was a big scary looking black man! Well over 6'

Our First Time Dogging

The end of the rubber was hanging down with a pool of cum in the end. The guy who she had been sucking told her, “Just a minute, darling, and I’ll give you a lot more of what you want.” He bent over, found a condom in one of his pants pockets, and rolled it on. He moved behind her and pressed it into her.His cock was much larger than the first.

Monica – More Than A Cleaner

her thighs, and his hands were resting on the floor, he also liked the upside-down view he had of Monica’s bare legs. He looked up and saw the underside of her thighs as well and had an immediate desire to kiss them. However, all of that stopped when he felt Monica’s hand rubbing his bottom in circles.Monica enjoyed watching Jeff lower himself

Lazy Sundays

hungrily covered mine. From the first touch of our lips, something was different. It was less teasing and playing and laughing and more intensity. So much more intensity. It took my breath away. His tongue swept into my mouth and his minty breath invaded my senses and it ignited a fire in my stomach like never before. Jason obviously felt it too.

Meg Makes Dessert

She tasted of strawberries, and I could sense the passion rising between us. "Your dessert is ready, but you're a bit, um, overdressed." After removing my clothes, I bent to kiss her again. The kiss was wet and eager, a delicious beginning. Wishing to savor other parts of my sweet love, I licked and sucked the cream from her erect nipples. My

Phone sex

that likes to talk on the phone, given the time I could talk for hours without stopping… There are some conversations that can get very hot and heavy with my man, such as the one I had the other day…god, it had been weeks since the last time I had cum, and I was well over due. It started out like a normal conversation, with talk about how we

The Affair Chapter 3:Nena make her decision

door knob and slowly opened the bathroom door and stream blast me in face. “ Nena is that you?” Scott ask I didn’t reply I want to surprise him. “ I could have swear I close the door.. oh well most be one of cats” Scott said out loud as slowly began to undress first my shirt and my bra and then my pant and panties were next .Here I was standing

Tinkerbelle, the power of three

sight of Hook, barking orders at his crew. His commanding voice brought a familiar tingling and dampness to her girl parts and her nipples perked although it was not chilly. She landed on a yardarm, not quite ready to be in his cabin and certainly not yet ready to face him. In time though, Tink flew down from her lofty perch and paused an hour on

Nights With Day: Tell Me More

"Okay," she said, rising from the grass. I practically had to race her back to the car. "Day, come on, don't be like that. I'm not brushing you off--" "I get it, you don't want to tell me everything, its fine. Let's go." She got in the car, looked straight ahead, I could tell she was upset. "Day look, I--" She crawled across the center console,


in the girl. I watch with growing concern as the van parks under a burned out street light a block ahead of the girl. Silently I merge with the night and keep pace with the girl, she doesn’t seem to be aware of the van and walks quickly towards it. I can see the driver, he is watching the girl’s reflection intently through his mirror and adjusts

Hampered in His Plans Ch. 05

over this information, a plan began to form in my mind. It was a break for me in more than one way. It was a chance to test something I’d long wanted to test, and a chance to gather even more information. But if the plan to exterminate the late Senator Nathan Allen was going to the Dark Side… this was not just going into Darkness… but into

Lilliahna & Zac Ch. 04

Lilliahna. She’s been my little angel throughout all this.’ ‘Really? Are you two together?’ he asked curiously. ‘Yeah we are, as of today it’s been official.’ ‘That’s really good, she’s a very caring young lady,’ Mr Johns said smiling. The bell rang. ‘I had better let you go now Zac, but feel free to come and talk to me anytime ok.’ ‘Yeah I

The Cable Slave Chapter 5

take it from there. I promised I would look her up in a week or so when she had been able to get a web connection and we left it at that. She couldn’t thank me enough and somehow I managed to avoid telling her that she had been on TV all day yesterday and thins morning. I wondered if there was a tape and if there was some way I could get it for

My wife and her Bosses

worry I have already stopped the lift and will ask the security not to allow anybody in terrace”So she said “Sir are you guys serious I was just joking and thought you are also joking like any other days”So then I came to know that these types of discussion are common amongst them.Now Mr. Batra said “Hey Smita don’t be a spoil sport now, we only

The 4th Lady McKenzie

no way we can dose it here. There’s no pen and we have no ropes to bring it down.’ Iona called, ‘Back the Land Rover out of the garage please Clancy,’ She rode back and helped Chum steer the bull towards the garage. ‘Get it into the garage,’ she yelled. ‘Then drive the vehicle in holding the doors open and pin the steer to the wall with the

At College with Suzy

looked at me defiantly."So am I." I smiled, but she shook her head."There's no need to be nice," she said, "I'm not going to say sorry, I'm gay so if you want to get another flatmate that's okay.""You're not listening are you?""I heard what you said, you said you're gay but you're not are you?""Take me to bed and find out for yourself."The

Myrna's Family History Chapter 3

and the light fabric pressed against the young teenager's developing breasts."Turn around," instructed Gloria.Turning to face her mother, Myrna was sure she'd see how much of her chocolate brown flesh was showing and have her choose another dress."See, it's fine," said Gloria. "You look real pretty in it."The young teenager couldn't believe her

Shannon II part B

in the barn. All of us were pushing cotton, as Shannon would often say, of men who had boners inside of their pants. My brief’s were making things uncomfortable for me, but I ignored the pain and did my job.I could tell that Shan was uncomfortable under the horse, not from fear, but kneeling like she was, she was too tall and her neck was bent at

My Mom Saw Me Naked!

front of my Mom just felt weird. My Mom winked at me, then walked towards me so I can have a better view of her body. But that wasn't why she was doing it. Mom grabbed my erect cock and began to stroke me. It felt so nerve racking and awesome with her hand sliding up and down my penis, slowly and teasingly. It felt so awesome and I felt so nice.

Another Booking for Maria

solo booking. He’s not a tall bloke but he has a solid nine inch cock, which is long enough to hit the vaginal wall in Maria’s tight little cunt.The slut was pretty horny, so she was already naked when he arrived. His eyes lit up when Maria answered the door in the nude and led him to the bedroom.She helped him shed his clothes quickly and saw

driving lessons chapter 2

more knelt on the floor in front of Lee before she took his cock in her mouth. Ian could see it was a struggle for her even getting it a little way in. He had hold of her long hair gripping her head tightly as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Julie gripped his strong powerful buttocks as he fucked her mouth as hard as he

The Chair

he kissed the top of her head. She smiled and nodded, Ill fix you some lunch. Rest here. In the kitchen, Holly prepared a sandwich for her nephew, thinking about dinner plans. Ill feed him, Ill take care of him, it needs to be done. After Sam finished his sandwich, he remained on the bed, lying against his aunt. Holly wondered how long this would

Royal Justice

loaning her a blade, I was supporting her challenge. I tried to convince him I was not supporting the woman’s side, just enabling her to fight a challenge and not make her forfeit due to the lack of equipment. I explained that “he shouldn’t be afraid of losing against and untutored female squire in heavy steel, being that he was a combat knight

Second Chances Ch. 06

I only saw it because of the mirrors in the elevator. It was an embrace of connectedness. ‘It was nice that Jerry invited all of us out here. We got my sister to baby sit the kids and we get a weekend away. Tomorrow we go to the coast to a boutique hotel, all inclusive. The chief’s got great reviews and the room has a private outdoor hot tub and

Catness at the Pool Party

laughing and joking and drinking, they were old enough but mom would go crazy if she could see.. well if they can so can I she thought she wandered inside being careful not to be seen she opened the fridge to see it well stocked even better she grabbed a bottle and started to hunt the bottle opener, cat had seen them use it but where did they put

Teaching Svetlana Chapter 2

has been two weeks since that snow day when Svetlana and I shared her body. She has been hungry to continue her exploration. I have been trying to postpone this coupling for as long as I could. I am a married man and what we are doing could hurt my marriage. Svetlana does not seem to care. We are in the middle of mid-term exams. We have been

A Torrid Love Affair

We spent the evening seeing old friends, looking at yearbooks whilst reminiscing about old times when we were young teenagers so many years earlier. >,>,>, Brian and I had never fucked in high school. I was too inhibited and he was too shy to press the issue heartlessly. Then in college, at about the time I thought I should try to grab

Hi Hank

last I am able to see him and am ushered into the room he is is in, my halves are still hanging across my blouse and the moron says, "Reading glasses? Damn you're getting old."  I sure didn't need him telling me that and as 'Snagglepuss', the cartoon lion in a top hat said, "Exit, stage left, um outa here even." As I drive away from prison I

richboys love 65

I was ready I brushed my teeth and did my hair after I walked into the living room and said to Harvey I will be taking Edvard to my moms and dads house baby" Harvey without looking at me keeping his eyes on the TV said "okay babe" I took Edvard out of his play pen and said "come on sweetheart lets go and see grandma. I left the living room with

Yasmine's Outdoor Fun

tingled from the orgasm as she fondled the hard swollen shaft oozing his clear sweet nectar. The hushed oooo's and ahhhhh's from the onlookers made her feel as if they felt the same satisfaction that she was feeling. Her body was relaxed and satisfied with an occasional aftershock of the orgasm rushing through her. This part of the show was for

Our Life Story

stroking him was making him feel good too. I didn’t know why I had the urge to kiss him but I did. I reached for his head and pulled his head to my mouth and gave him a kiss. The first one I had ever gave, so it was closed mouth and not to long, but it was very soft and slow. He looked at me differently at that point. I could see that we really


and Mom had not opened her eyes since I had gotten close to her. I looked at the clock and figured that I had just enough time to take a bunch of pictures before seven o’clock. I stood there sucking on Mom’s nipple and fingering her pussy and clit as I took pictures. I started to cum again and filled my hand and rubbed it right into Mom’s hole. I

Chanel and Ethan 28

it on my head, smiling at him. "Thank you, I like yours," I say as he slips on his own, long sleeved, black, complimenting his muscular chest, shoulders and arms. He smiles his 'I know I'm cute' smile, and bends down to kiss me. My fingers tie up my messy bun, then grab his face to kiss him back. He moves his mouth with mine, his hand holding me

Being Disciplined

“Yes,” Susie said, followed by a sob, “So I learn my lesson.” “Of course I will Mum, as you have asked so nicely. Can you stick your bottom out a bit more please,” Rachel added giving her Mother a few light taps. With that instruction Susie stuck her red bottom out a good few inches more, and Rachel seemed very satisfied, smiling for the first

Bus Stop

“Whew…that rain is cold,” she said. “Yes, it is,” he said looking down. She sat next to him on the bench not even attempting to cover her self. He was having a hard time keeping his eyes off of her chest. Just then the bus pulled up, he got up to get on so she followed. He of course let her go first, the bus driver, a man of about 50 and nice

Playtime - Chap. VIII - Let's Get Something Straight Between Us and Playtime - Chap. IX - James' Second Encounter (The Dancing Girl)

“That’s my whore!” “She has the prettiest body,” said James. Pleased with his response, she pressed her boobs together as she danced closer to them. Again wetted the tips, the glistening moisture nearly dripping. She teased them mercilessly, a breast in her hand, leaning her head over and dripping saliva in a slow stream onto the nipple as

My First Exposure

my still damp panties even more. For the first time, I knew the forbidden excitement of sexual power. I had never felt this way before. I had never felt so delightfully sexy and in command of the situation. I was the one in control, to hide or show my moist panties as I desired and Jimmy had no choice but to sit and stare or stop and leave. With

Pulling On The Wool

I am having a party at my place tomorrow night, would you like to come?’ She smiled at me. I would and I told her so. Sarah grinned, jotted down the address for me and left. I was jumping for joy! +++ It was damn near 100 miles, her place turned out to be a 60′ long mobile home, one of those with a kick out living room on one end and another on

Culture Shock Ch. 05

of what MasterServant might say. Though she was expecting his reply, she jumped when the private message box popped up on her screen. “Welcome to the BDSM room,” he typed innocently.  “Thank you,” Elaine replied, her hands shaking.  “I should tell you acquiescent suggested I speak with you.”  “Why would she do that?”  “She’s probably

Friends and Lovers

acceptance for our differing points of view.When we started in college we lived in the dorms. Now we share a house with some friends. It’s typical off campus living except for the house we rent. It is sweet it has five bedrooms a hot tub, sauna, and pool in the back. We have parties every Friday they’re pretty tame though were all serous about

A Welfare Fuck.

your giant cock, tear me apart with it, Josh!”“Ah ah, so close, so close,” he moaned.“Wait, I want to see you come,” I gasped and moved away from him.He slipped out of me and my pussy was just a big gaping and yearning hole as I moved so I was lying on my back. I pulled Josh over me and with my hand guided his cock to my pussy once again. His

Sangeeta's time in Prague (Part 4): Two family orgy

Jasima could restrain herself no longer she let herself orgasm, screaming and arching her back, enjoying one of the most intense orgasms in her life.Sangeeta Sodomises SammyThe three of them layback on the floor, recovering from their exertions, looking at the other family. Richard had Heidi positioned on his lap, facing Sangeeta, Jasima and

I Tit Fucked My Wife While She Was On The Phone

titty fucks her when she talks on the phone. I have always love titty fucking and since my wife had perfect double D breasts it is something I love doing to her all the time.One day I was horny as hell and notice that my Anna was talking to her friend Becky on the phone. I though this was my chance to act out my fantasy so I grabbed some lub from

My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 16 – Moving into the New Mansion with New Beginnings and Jessica's Decision

Henry was my father's name”. “I love you, too Ben Barnes, Master. I am carrying triplets, girls. I have decided on the following names: Aaliyah Peyton , Adrienne Penelope, Annabelle Piper. Do you like your daughter's names my love?” Nicole says. “Yes I love those names all three are APB, I like Obie and Neo names also. I love you girls all three

A friend for dessert - second course

We relaxed for a while, sitting on the floor leaning against the sofa, me between the two girls and had a couple of drinks, punctuated by each of them, every now and again leaning over and giving my soft but still engorged cock the odd suck between sips. After a while, I was, to my surprise I must admit, hard yet again and Cathy announced “Now

Luke’s Flame

building. Without thinking, she ran towards the door, afraid for the people living in the house next to her. After stumbling into furniture, she turned the knob, flung the door open and ran outside. The smoke was thick and curling into the air from the fire. People were coming out of their homes to gather in the front yard. Sophie watched the

Giving my first BJ

He had a nice looking cock and we agreed I would come over and suck him. His cock was average length but had a nice big head. He had big shaved balls. His balls were much bigger than mine. He asked me if I wanted to feel him and I did. He layed back on the bed with his legs over the side. I unbuttoned my pants to play with myself. I knelt down

Tina And Luke - In The Beginning - Chapter 1

flirt with anyone of either sex, this was the first time she had implied she would go further with girls. I guess you learn new things all the time, even about your nearest and dearest. Diane’s eyes opened “Morning, honey,” I smiled and kissed her, it seemed natural to kiss her on the lips now.“Morning, sweetie. Question.”“Answer?”“Two things or

Beautiful Butts of the Princesses of Layland

appointment today and I suspect he will have me suggest to her that he sniff her first in those tights under the ruse that it would make it easier for her to adapt to panty buttsniffing afterward.Marilyn will join us because, even though she is nearly 40, she looks and acts younger, and because she is instantly a friend of anyone she meets, and

Cruising The Drive In

I do know he enjoyed it very much. After a few minutes I decide to get out and walk around to see what was going on in the lot. I knew there was always sex going on everywhere around me so I wanted to see what I could find. I make my way to the bathroom area as I knew that was the place to find a hook up. And find a hook up I did. I see my

Blank, Sex & Murder - Chapter 5 and Ch 6

her hair. It wasn’t terribly long, just covering her neck. She drew it into a little ponytail and tied it off with a band she had also pulled from her bag. My God, she looked good. There was something about the way that dress fit over her form. It rested on her. That was it. Rested on her as if it were a gentle mist. It was thin, and I knew that

Kate and I Ch. 39-41

‘could you ease connect me to Mr. River, I’m Mr. Jones’s assistant from the day before…just let him know that Mr. Jones would like to speak with him please…thank you…. Hello Mr. River…Donnie…it’s Kate, Aden’s assistant, I’m calling to see if you wouldn’t mind rescheduling your dinner with him tomorrow…nothing’s happen he just won’t be able to

Stacy Gives In to Cheating Part 5

I could see under my car towards the entrance we had driven through. As I looked I saw a car pulling through the gate. Had it come through earlier they would have been able to see Stacy and I fucking over the front of my car, however, now that we were on the ground my car was blocking us from their view…temporarily. “Fuck,” Stacy whispered,

The Pool Boy

Alex asked if she could get me started, I ordered a jack on the rocks. She brought it back and said she will be taking care of me tonight. The three-piece jazz band began to play, I told Alex that I did not want her to get in trouble. She assured me she would not, seeing it was a slow night. I smiled and thanked her and off she went to seat two

Bob and Koen (Part 2)

with the other. Koen raised his ass a bit higher off the bed which spread his cheeks a bit allowing Bob's hard dick to rest in between the two soft, smooth mounds. "Put a pillow under your belly, Koen. Make it easier for me to push into you," ordered Bob. "Koen, from what I can tell, you've never had this done to you, right?" "Well...." whispered

Popscotch [part 1]

that conversation.“You don’t? Um, what do you prefer then?” At that point my arm was on my lap holding down a fully grown penis, poking straight toward Ashley. My mind was just a lost puppy unable to read any signals in the situation that would lead me to a safe way out. “It’s just that in all the pictures or movies I see, and what Natalie

Mia – Pt 2

comfortI took my wife’s advice to heart, and between the weather turning cloudy and cold limiting the use of the garden as well as business picking up keeping me away from home for days at a time, it was over a month before I saw Mia for more than a few seconds in passing. Her own life as well as my eldest son’s had also got increasingly fraught

Payback for Cheating Wife

of the day and once a week after that for the next 4 weeks and she said that was the deal and she agreed. He told her to get off him and lick her cum off his cock and balls. She smiled as she got off him and stood on very shaky legs as she looked at his wet cock and balls as well as all the liquid covering his legs. She knelt between his legs and

At Least I Didnt Get a Ticket

the police car and took the next exit, not knowing if I was seen. As I started down the exit ramp, I saw the police car, lights flashing coming over the hill. Maybe they didn’t see me. Crap, here they came. I continued on as if nothing was wrong, but grabbed my pants anyway. The cop was behind me quickly and I pulled over. Shit, my pants got

A Nudist Family

old curtain wall mounts. The morning went by fast with only the occasionally cock grab from my wife as I was up the top of the ladder this had the effect of maintaining my semi hard cock all afternoon. I was getting very frustrated by dinner time but we did finish and the result was very nice. Amy went off preparing her signature dish and I

my Garage

minutes. She was dead when I took my cock out. Clair was crying and Ariana was still struggling to get free. I locked them in the room for another night and called Karly. She showed up early in the morning and took Sarahs body away. “How was she?” Karly asked. “She was weak, we had a good time.” I said, “the other two I’m keeping for a long

Falling Leaves

had sex in years’ He said standing next to her. ‘You had all of the sex you needed and wanted and have made me feel bad for wanting any at all.’ ‘I’m sorry Bob’ She said cowering in her seat. ‘Aren’t we too old now? Haven’t I wasted it all?’ ‘Do you still want it? Do you ever want it now?’ Bob asked hopefully. Sandra choked back an overload of

Planes, Trains and Automobiles Ch. 01: Penny

Saturday and Sunday to get the school work done. It was a little disappointing because this girl Erica wanted to do something on the weekend. I was whipped on Friday evening after the commute home and under different circumstances I would have cancelled plans with Penny. It would have been upsetting for her after getting a sitter for her kids and

Some Things Are Meant to Be

I closed my phone and sat down in one of the row seats, knowing that it was probably going to double as my bed for the night. There was really no sense in checking with the ticket agents, right about now, they didn’t know what their schedule was going to be for tomorrow, so there was no point in trying to get a seat on a plane that was probably

Halloween Treat

While driving to the party, Allie sat in the back seat. She felt like the spare tire of the group. Although her and Kate secretly had a thing going, Kate had made it clear that she was in love with Daniel and didn’t want him to know. So as they kissed and giggled with each other in the front seat Allie just stared off into space. Since coming to

Female for a day?

and ordered a drink but when the bartender brought it he said it was paid for. I smiled and knew this was going to be a great night. Something about the drug was making me think like a girl and have female desires. My big breasts were straining at my thin tank top and I could tell my nipples were at full attention. Halfway through my drink a cute

Train of Thought 5

skin felt relaxed yet alive and sensitive. My pussy was aching for attention as she parted my legs, but Jennifer had her own agenda as she fiddled with something else. Then she surprised me by gently applying lube to my arse.“Stay relaxed, Katie,” she said, in a soothing voice, “I know you’ll enjoy this.”I was too far gone to care or resist, she

Not given a chance (chapter 1)

her covered pussy. It was hot in my hand and I felt my erection grow.just by watching her amazing body. With a sigh I pulled off her panties and gazed down at her shaved pussy with a a small grin. Not able to help myself i reached down and spread her pussy lips letting my finger rub along her inner lips before my finger circled her opening I let

The Abduction of Lady Jessica

behind his back, and stroked his skin, enjoying the warm tingle that spread through her body as he played with her breasts.This tender foreplay was all very enjoyable, but she soon she found herself wanting more. Withdrawing her hands, she began to undo Sir Percy’s belt and unbutton his tight breeches for the second time that day. She could feel

Ayaan The Somali Cleaning Bitch

about Fergus words to me and his behavior. I knew exactly how this would play out. The guy in charge of the maintenance crew at the university, Fergus boss, is an old white dude named Connor or something and he would definitely side with Fergus. These bigoted old white dudes tend to stick together, especially in the City of Ottawa. What’s a brown

Bi-curious? Not any more

an aphrodisiac I can tell you. Many loads were blown to messages of well done! Or Yum! Or something similarly inane. I developed a fan base would you believe? Tommytwostrokes, that was his screen name, came on and introduced himself. I will only chat with people if they have their camera open, so I ignored him at first. Then, his camera opened to

sex games part3

older then me, and was probably still a virgin.she was an average looking,chubby, fat cat bottom,nieve,little girl.a great person, she was always kind to everybody.i just wanted to get my stick wet.i wanted to see the 2 blondes naked, they were lesbian,or gold diggers.they were walking with my s****r to this cottage., they were only interested in

Vicky Bound for Vacation Part 1

be fucked all afternoon. Fuck me now, baby. Fuck me." I slid my hands up to cup and squeeze her breasts through the silky thin top. She was doing all the work. With the muscles in those dancer's legs she moved herself up and down. Her pussy taking in every inch of my cock with the down stroke. Looking over her shoulder I could see the waitress

Slippery Suzie part 5 - GNO: The Next Day

Susie moan again beforeLiz released the nipple. Tiny hands continued their exploration of herbody, but Susie realized she had something to confess to her sisterbefore things progressed too far. “Liz, I have something to tell you,”she began hesitantly, very unsure as to how Liz would react.She nodded her head for Susie to continue as she slipped

To big to handle Part 3

a full tube of lube an a few other things sitting on the nightstand. I had no clue what that stuff was, I walked over and started looking at it. One of the girls told me it would be better if I didnt know, so I didnt ask anything. I went upstairs to get a glass of water, still alittle light headed from whatever Brian had put in my drink. I was

She stood at my doorstep drenched

my tank top. I had no bra on and she started to lick my nipples. Then she started to tweak one ever so gently, but this stranger did not know that I like it a bit rough. So I put my hand around hers and had her tweak my nipple a bit harder. She saw and felt my reaction to that gesture. I loved it. I slowly took off her shirt so I could see her


gently holding it with my teeth. “Here, I want you to see me, see how big I am,” he said, as he began removing the scarf from around my head. He was hard alright. It was obvious he was enjoying our play as much as I. As I took in more of him, I glanced at my tethered body, sort of an X-rated snow angel, and couldn’t help but break into a little

A Birthday To Remember

of my Sophomore year in high school and he was a senior. Ever since then I have always been attracted to older men and have only dated older men.When I was a senior in high school I was dating a college boy. He was tall, dark and ruggedly handsome. He was my first love and the guy I lost my virginity to.After the first time we had sex we couldn’t

It’s All in the Game Ch. 03

head, and I started coding a rough modular outline of all of the individual quest steps. I worked all night long without a break until Marsha returned the next morning. She loved the new concept and, with the help of the girls, created a map for me that contained all of the locations that would be travelled to in the game, all the necessary

First Lover

can’t explain ……….. any of this.” I leaned up and gently pressed my lips on his chest, my hands cupped and feathered his erection one last time. I had lost everything.I shrank from the confusion, the revulsion and the fury in his eyes and I got dress hastily. I did not remember anything that happened before waking up inside the ambulance with

Two Wishes

really?""Sure," said Darius. "But it may as well not have. If no one remembers, then what's the difference?""But I know.""You know because I told you. That’s not the same as remembering," said Darius. "Anyway, I had to tell you. It was part of our agreement.""I suppose." She sighed. "Why do you think he did it?""The first wish or the

It doesn't toally suck being Cerberus. Part 2

you ever felt like your being watched? If you have than imagine that feeling ten fold and instantly when someone even comes close to looking at you and waking you up from a dead sleep. The logical guess would be someone is trying to escape again and I would not blame you for the assumption, but this time it came from the other door. On further

my exciting trip to Ahmedabad

to Tarapur....we went to Anand...and from there we move our car on express high way....once we pass the toll booth...of Anand...he hold my hand and pull near to his seat...and start moving his hand on my body...while driving car his car had black film on it..i also allowe him to touch and start kissing him too...suddenly he hold my

The incest video interviews chapter 14A

into her pussy. It was tight, as you might imagine. Then I just heard sounds out of her mouth, I thought I'd never ever hear. She was moaning, and letting out giant exhales too. She seemed to be loving it after just a few seconds. I began thrusting my cock, and she told me she loved me so much, that it'd be impossible to describe," Jack


was now finger-fucking me in the ass as she deep-throated me and we swung in unison. Soon I could feel it coming, almost in slow motion, my cum moving up the tube of my elongated shaft, about to erupt. Jessie must have felt it too because her finger was plowing into my ass with a new urgent force and she backed off a little and began sucking my

My Daughter's Friend Natalia Part #23

lip form her emotions. I kiss her on top of the head and hold her firmly telling her how much I love her and I am not mad and that I am so glad she is carrying our child. I know it will be hard to get used to other women around with puffy tummies. ( She looks up sniffles and giggles a little as I am telling he this.) I love you so much for

Sindie and Ashley

her. ‘So with us being friends for how long now you didn’t think that I would have liked to have known that my best friend was a vampire! When were you planning on telling me about this, if you were really planning on it? You know maybe I should have answered my door and taken my chances with the guy and his gun. That way if he did abduct me or

highschool, need i say more?

her bra. We sat there grouping each other half naked. her naked bodie on mie was the best feeling i have had since saturday when we were exploring each other for the first time.I removed my lips from hers and started kissing down her neck. She started to lay back opening her legs and gasping for air. I kissed her breasts. I grabed the right one

Big Bad Wolf

her tight virgin asshole. Her asshole has never been touched by anyone until now. She wasn't prepared for that invasion, screaming in pain and surprise. I growl in her ear " Relax Farrah, let me push all the way into your tight virgin ass." Farrah feels me swelling bigger until I explode within her ass, my knot tight against her anus causing her

Senior Moments Ch.6

He told her that we were ok, and that he would call when we knew more. My phone still had no signal so David let me use his phone to call my dad. He was at a motel in Colorado snowed in too. He said it was all over the news about the schools roof collapse and subsequent fire. Sheila had stopped trying to use her phone when David's started

Moving Day

on his bottom lip and he nibbled mine in turn. I arched my back and gently pushed his head down. He lowered his mouth to my nipples and bit and sucked them through my shirt, then pushed my shirt up and continued giving them what they had been yearning for since the window. I pulled my shirt the rest of the way off and dropped it in the floor. As

Halloween Treat

was missing her sweetheart,Scott. They had been together for quite a while now. He told her that he wouldn’t be back in Milpitas until November at the earliest. It was difficult for Linda to get Scott out of her mind, especially since their last time together. Closing her eyes, she could envision him lying next to her. She missed him. She made

Step-Sibling Summer

It was tanning nicely already this year, her long blonde hair tucked behind her ears that supported large sunglasses.With her music playing, she turns to her stomach and unties her top, letting her back tan without lines. She hears the sliding door and turns her head.“Ugh. I thought you weren’t showing up until next week,” Aurora groans, seeing

Taming Tina - part 1 of 3

you think you are doing?" she spat out."Whatever I want to," I calmly replied. "I told you Saturday at ten.""Listen, I..."I kissed her again as I trailed my free hand down her neck and to the front of her shirt."You do what you are told. I didn't say you could talk," I quietly stated."But...""Did I say you could talk?" I asked as my fingers undid

Free Universal Carnal Knowledge Pt. 43

I lifted her up and carried her to the main bedroom. And the sex? I wish I could say that this uptight academic was an animal in the sack but in fact, although enthusiastic in theory, she was awkward and clumsy in practice. After the first climax she seemed to warm up a bit but overall her lack of experience was evident. Even when I spunked

My Sunday With You Part 3

there, I thought I’d really hurt you.” You lift your head and the darkness prevents me from reading your expression. Finally, you say, “For a moment, you did. But once you were inside me and I was able to relax a little, it felt good. Really good. And then when you pulled my hair…I don’t know that I’ve ever had an orgasm like that. It was like a

Master Jon and I

in closer to your wet pussy. Me: I snap at your face when you tell me to shut up and I squirm as you tell me to take it. “Make me” I snarl. As you bite into my neck I squeal and then it falls to a slight whimper as my body goes from strained to completely limp in your arms. I am completely still for fear of you biting into my neck enough to draw

The Nyanny, Part 2

self-esteem boost of a desirous husband, so I moved up close against her and let my hand roam across her thigh and over to her pussy. Uhhhh, not tonight Mike, she groaned, pushing my hand away. Go use Meowlissa. Drat. Well, she had just spent a long day at the office, after all. She was only supposed to stop in for a couple of hours in the

Total Woman Pageants 01

the winner.’ ‘Good reason.’ ‘What is your talent.’ ‘I am a photographer. I have an extensive portfolio of our natural Brazilian beauty: Amazonia flora and fauna, sandy white beaches and Andean green mountains, plus our hardworking people.’ ‘Wonderful. We’ll review those later. How did you get started in the competitions?’ ‘I was a student at the

She Deserves It!

his head. ‘Valerie isn’t a saint in all this, she did screw things up pretty dramatically to let him jump to the conclusions he did, and she didn’t pay attention to how he was doing while she was off fixing her friends’ lives. From time to time, she’s taken on these little crusades for what she thinks is right without thinking through the

Love Never Dies - Chapter 2

erection became even harder when Gaynor fed me a nipple and then switched to the other teat. “Can’t let one get jealous of the other,” she giggled. My hands caressed the fleshy, hanging globes as I licked and flicked my tongue around the protruding nubs and surrounding dark aureola. I sucked and nipped with my teeth. Gaynor gasped and moaned.

An Interesting Bet and Other Fun Things

and balls were shaved smooth. “Why don’t you two get on your knees and share my cock.” We both moved to the floor. We each put a ball into our mouth and sucked on them. Then Kay put her lips around his cock and started to give him head. I continued to suck his droopy balls. “Donna, slip your finger into my asshole and rub my prostate. That’ll

Seducing My Son

I was going through with this. What kind of help? Well–now dont get embarrassed–but I want to talk to you about sex. Evans cheeks blushed. He was so adorable. Dad had that talk with me a long time ago. I think Im all set. I know, but we noticed that youve never had any girlfriends, or…boyfriends. You think Im gay? He was more anxious than upset

More Office Shenanigans

bottomless Katie, as she scrambled to get her pants and panties untangled and back over her hips. "Yep, all good...I just stubbed my toe on this stupid table!" Katie responded back. "OK, well, are you guys done soon?" "All done," Colleen said as she walked toward the door to open it. Katie and I stared at each other in horror as she

Brotherly Love

of the week was hot and frequent. I think we were both highly-aroused by what the upcoming weekend held. I couldn’t wait to find out if Eric’s fucking was any different from my own. Karen was seeming to be pretty excited herself, she kept asking me what I thought she should wear. I suggested she wear one of her other cross-over tops and she


and smooth skin with sharp angles, cheekbones to kill for and a dimple on his left cheek. The lips was full and looked so soft and kissable. As for his eye color I couldn’t tell, but the eyes where big and with lashes that seemed to go on for miles. He was wearing black jeans, a black simple t-shirt with no print on, and black boots. Like an

Angela Gives Up Her Cunt Part 1

tasks) and had never gotten to feel one with her tongue. Instinctively she felt weird, but then ridiculously aroused, she dove in with her tongue, mapping out her new mistress's cunt with her tongue. Her mistress moaned as Angela lapped at her clit, drinking in pussy juice and bringing Silvia closer and closer to orgasm. Maybe she wasn't straight

Amy's Abduction

were yelling as we crammed ourselves into the car and made a squealing tire, made for the movies getaway.We headed back towards town, taking the side streets to minimize detection while we caught our breaths. “Let’s do that again,” exclaimed Amy and we all broke into laughter. Through the rear view I saw her peel off her flimsy gown and

Just a Quick Peep and Suck

outside of Mindy Ferguson’s bedroom window at 11:00 p.m. I was jerking my meat as I watched her coming out of the the shower. She always left the bathroom door open and her shower stall had a clear sliding door. I could make out her silhouette and something of her tits and pussy. She was 18 years old and I was too. I had lived next door to her

help brother part 3

you ready to see Nicole naked once again JJ?” Jesse asked.“Yes I'm very ready in fact,” I replied.Then Jesse stood up. “Would you like to see us kiss once?” Nicole asked.“Yes,” I replied.Then all dreams came true in that moment as they both gave each other a nice kiss on the lips. It was beyond sexy and kinky. And if I didn't have an erection at

A Primitive Hope Ch. 03

underground room. Being completely nude, goose bumps sprinkled over my body as I began to shiver in fright. It was then I heard a colossal metal door creak open, frightfully echoing throughout the barren room. I could make out that two people were coming in by their footsteps. My platform was twisted about by some mechanical device below as I

Hunting dead Pedos waste of time really

the cunt says, "Ye stupit tard!""Thought you cunts wore skirts?" Al said drunkenly, "Wassa difference between a Scotsman and a tranny?""I don't know?" I says."Neither do I!" says Al as if it was the funniest thing since Nick Clegg and he just about pissed his self laughing.Luckily the battery was up for starting the cunt or the fucking Glencoe

His Favorite Girl

his uniform.‘Hunter O’Neal, you know my name is not Coco. It’s Cindy!’ Cindy said placing her hands on her hips and turning around.‘You let all those other boys call you Coco. Why can’t I? I work here at this club every night with you, and I can’t have a little bit of fun?’ Hunter asked again popping the top off two beers and sliding them down

Making Choices for Life

which were pretty simple. ‘I believe that you must treat your partner with respect at all times and I do not believe in cheating as you also do. But I do not believe in beating or harming someone as you just stated.’ She had looked sheepish and started to apologise but I stopped her before she said anything more. ‘I love you as you well know but

13 - The Julie Journals

I told you to be naked" said with Wendy a snarl and swung her open hand at Julie's face. Julie ducked under the hand and grabbing Wendy's wrist continued the movement, twisting it up behind Wendy's back and pushing her against the wall. Kicking the door shut with her foot Julie leant close to Wendy's ear and whispered in a firm voice that was

Blood Red Roses

to get to work tomorrow?’ Disgruntledly, he snapped, ‘I’ll get you there, ‘one way or another’. Ok?’ ‘They don’t let the residents, nurses, maintenance, or housekeeping go home when the weathers like this. What’ll I do if they won’t let me go home’? After several hours of her repetitive and persistent blubbering, he totally lost it. He jerked

Awakened during the night

the pillow as if to hide it while I gasp for breath, my lungs throbbing with a need for oxygen. I finally relaxd, slamming my body down on top of her smaller body as I gasp with pleasure. " That was amazing," I mumble. Shelly slowly turns her head glaring at me. " I'll pay you back for that, asshole," she said, but her voice isn't angry. I smile

You Just Been Angela’d Ch. 02

bowed down low. Allowing him entrance into the room. His eyes were darting from either side my place wasn’t the same? ‘I’m Miriam I’m here for your pleasure tonight before mistress Angelica comes to you. May I have your clothing?’ Gwynth had the perfect accent down to the persona of a lady in waiting. Bart’s sense of sexual acceptance came out he

The Temple Priestess Ch. 02

mine, he shows me the movement he wants me to follow. The ring pierced through his foreskin remains a mystery and I make a mental note to ask him about it later. He gently guides my hands over the head of his penis, alternating with strokes on the shaft. He finds the vial of oil that is still close to our floor cushions from last night’s

Another night with a coworker

doing and whether we should continue. Clara looked at me with her beautiful hazel eyes and said she knew exactly what she was doing. She said we had both gone through traumatic experiences and maybe this would help ease our stresses. I agreed.Clara then pushed me over onto the couch and jumped on top of me. We began kissing passionately, as if

Dr. Riley

up to be a beautiful young woman. Her lips maintained their plump cupid bow shape. Her doe eyes that used to seem too large for her head retained their youthful sweetness. At just 17 now, she was petite, but beautifully toned and curvy. His various observations and glimpses of her from her visits have told him that her body was perfectly

Wild photography

up at his face and he was smiling. “Yes, I do. Would you like to hold it in your hand?” he asked. “Hold…hold your penis, really?” she said. “Ohhhhhh no, I don’t know about that.” “Nooooo, it’ll be fine,” he told her. “Just relax and put it in the palm of your hand.” Very slowly, she did what he told her to do. It felt incredibly awesome she

The Nightmare Inside Chapter 7

was touching Harriet felt hot and by the look in her friend’s eyes, she knew she felt it too.Harriet leaned in and kisses her gently. “We finish this and then we discuss whatever the fuck this is. Deal?”“Deal.”They broke apart and Harriet went straight to her laptop. She began researching the fair they had gone to and where it’s next dates would

The Neighbourhood of Affairs – Matures and Boy

said as she now took off her top and her bra “Come on” he went over to her and immediately started to kiss her she took his tongue inside her mouth and met him for his tongue strokes, he was a good kisser Samantha thought. Her legs were wide open as he stood in between them, her knees up in the air as her hands went to his cock and fondled it,

The Lunch Date

the exception of thigh high stockings and no panties just as you instructed. I am already wet with anticipation. I enter the restaurant and the Maitre’d escorts me to your table. I’m about to sit across but shaking your head you pat your outer thigh. I slide in the booth and look at you with fire dancing in my eyes. You have a smug, almost

Little Black Bikini

touch. I broke away from our kiss and took one of her nipples in my lips. I sucked and licked and nibbled. I could not get enough of her. I grabbed her wrists and held her arms up, against the wall. With my left hand I pinned them there and my with my right hand I caressed her side, her belly, and then her pussy. I played with her swollen pussy

Mistaken Identity

left hand to my crotch. He definitely could feel the wetness and heat emanating from my nether region. I moaned as his fingers traced the lips of my flower. I so badly wanted to turn to kiss him, but I was afraid that if he knew I wasn’t my mother, this whole situation would rapidly come to an end. I just couldn’t have that. Not now, not ever. To

Awakenings 7

as he felt her abilities start to falter from his, he once again felt powerful as he settled between her legs and tried to cram his little cock in her hole. He was about to lunge forward and shove his now lengthening and hardening cock through her cervix, when he heard the explosion from outside. It wasn’t the explosion as much as the blood

A Fool Stumbles Into Love Ch. 03

with glasses on. If you don’t like them I’ll take them off and put my contacts back in.’ He physically as well as verbally retreated, ‘No I didn’t mean that at all. What I meant was…’ She didn’t give him a chance to finish. Lightly punching him in the ribs, ‘I’m teasing silly.’ He put his right arm up and around her shoulder. She had a way about


palm down the satin skin of her inner thigh, slipping her skirt and panties off in the process. Jason’s hands stilled, as felt the curve of her full bottom press up and back into his groin, a tremor of need ran along his spine, as her hips ground back slowly. He groaned deeply when soft fingers slithered into the opening of his pants, cupping and

Three Caught Short

and me, Weezer, no-one else. You can’t let her down now, pal. Drink it down, there’s a good boy.’ Reluctantly, he guzzles down the water and I replace the pint mug with another one, matching him glass for glass as we down three each in record time. The cab arrives on time and we both climb in the back, sitting at opposite ends of the bench seat

Possessed - Part I

to occur he stood, gingerly pulled his shorts and underwear up, and made for the kitchen cupboard where the creams and ointments were kept. His mum had shown him that at least. He took care of himself and went to hide in the woods behind the house. Finding his private space, a clearing in the middle of several thick tree trunks and surrounded by

The Girl from Latin Class

it off cool, I think Play it cool! I can feel a blush coming on. Good think I am already red from working out. “You know, you should never work out alone!” She says hinting at something. “If you do and you pass out, no one will ever know.” “And what about you?” I say. “It’s an unusually slow night for the gym.” She says. “Are you done? Or

Riding the Ladder

have your big firefighter cock inside my virgin pussy. Please hurry!"" NO! I am not going to have sex with you! Not here at least, ok now please understand."Victoria comes closer as she starts taking off her short classic teenage girl shorts revealing a little purple thong with a silk white outline, " You know you want to Bill, I know you want

Alex - A second first time

whispered the same thing as always. “I’m NOT going to fuck you”. I kissed her and slipped a finger in her pussy.This went on for a while but eventually we made our way out of the pool. We toweled off and together climbed up on one of the big comfy lounge chairs, sitting in each other’s arms kissing and touching anything we could. Just then, I

Stockroom Shenanigans

handed her the melons back, he covertly brushed across her breasts and felt her hard nipples under her blouse. Kristi suddenly remembered - she had been in such a rush to get out of the house she neglected to put on her bra! Kristi gasped quietly as his hand grazed her nipples, but she could not deny the sudden wetness she felt at his touch. As

Romancing Doctors

the sink for balance. Finally I was inside her. We both looked forwarded, seeing the image of reflecting in the mirror. Jyothi’s tits bounced forward as our bodies synced. She could feel the sweat all over our bodies as she stared at the hypnotic image in the mirror. She watched as my body shoved forward into hers. The room echoed with the

Twelve Lays of Xmas Ch. 02

Could be that we get one more set of pictures to go on.’ She turned and left before explaining, which was a typical Lisa tease. I watched TV, checked email, then the three of us ate dinner before Lisa left to open the club for the evening. Jessica kept wandering over to the window as if she was waiting for a delivery. The night moved on, closer

Badge of Dishonor Ch. 25

at least one cop, maybe two. He knew he wasn’t going to get out of this. His life, as he knew it, was over. If he could just be sure Luke Thomas was dead, he’d… ‘Operations from James County Seven,’ came another voice on the sheriff’s department radio, ‘I’m joining the pursuit.’ ‘Operations from County Eight, I’m off with the state patrol,

The Dinner (part 1)

two and the lights are dim. You are sitting in front of me, your hand is resting on the red and white checkered tablecloth. You are wearing a tight light blue dress, shiny black stiletto heels, your hair is loose and falling down over your shoulders. You are wearing a nice necklace made of turquoise with a bracelet that matches. And, because you

Little Mistakes Ch. 1

‘Remember Cassidy?’ ‘Yes, I liked Cassidy, she was very nice. I really think she was the one for you.’ ‘Yes, well, so did I. I really thought that she was my soul mate and that scared me and I screwed it up.’ ‘How?’ ‘Well, remember that party at Forrest’s house.’ ‘Yeah that was like two months ago, I skipped that party.’ ‘Wish I had. I was three

The Tango

her hands around his head as he ate her with what was nearly worship. This was love, she knew it! At least it was on her part. She believed in love at first sight, and this was very nearly at first sight! She bucked to another juicy orgasm and felt her heart begin to spin. She couldn’t ask him if he loved her, it was much to soon for that. She

Star Wars The Choices We Make Trilogy Part 2: Aftermath

in sweat. The main door opened and Brock surveyed the scene in front of him and said “Lucius take it easy man and Eve can explain everything” I looked from the doorway then to the woman he pointed to called Eve. I heard her and him in my head at the same time and I held my head then shaking my head a deep guttural snarl issued from my throat and

Beth’s Awakening Ch. 09

sandwich for supper. Stewart was scheduled to pick us up at eight and by seven-thirty we were both antsy, pacing back and forth, adjusting our costumes, and touching up our makeup. My lust worms had turned to butterflies and were fluttering all over in my groin. Judging by how restless she was, Claire had the same problem. Stewart was right on

Blondie (part 2)

with your beautiful cock. Fuck me deep and hard! Blondie moaned as the cock raced into her waiting bowels. Alexander stopped only when his pubic mound hit Blondie asscheeks. He had it all in her. Just the way she liked it. Herb watched as the boy fucked Blondie. He stroked his dick in rhythm with Alexander strokes. Trudy had been rubbing her

The Little Oxford Bookshop

in the bright sunshine. The sun shone warm onto her face, and the heat made her glad she had chosen to wear her light, floral sun-dress that morning. She always felt deliciously mischievous when wearing this dress, as the fabric was so sheer and flimsy, no matter which underwear she chose, you could always see the outline, so she had to go

Brandon’s Fuckslut Family Ch. 04

‘Both of you would like to have sex with me?’ The twin Irishwomen nodded, both lovely and unique in their own way. Victoria sighed. ‘Well, I’m not really tired. Is you bed big enough for the three of us?’ She saw twin sets of green eyes widen with amazement, Brigid got ahold of herself faster and said ‘It does, does that mean you’re considering

DENTAL VISIT ( to Nirvana …for the staff, that

her legs apart and nuzzled into the girl’s cottoned crotch…almonds was the fragrance and a hint of urine…HEAVEN…suckling the fabric, I wormed my tongue around the gusset and found her slit and nosed onto her bud… My nurse had hiked her own whites up and was furiously fapping at her own exposed clit..briefs down at her knees…. Three minutes of

Gift From A God Ch. 09

could close my eyes and spin around and when I came to a stop I could tell which direction I was facing, simply by the feel. When I got to Phoenix that was completely backward. The best explanation I can come up with is that there is some sort of metal in the ground that throws off my internal compass. So since my body told me I was going north,

Bryan's Redemption

Linda could take it all, he'd broken her in in every position. He especially liked the one he was assuming now. He loved to enter her pussy from behind with his fingers in her ass and then pound her hard. There was just something primal about the doggy style position that made him ache to watch her ass shake under his thrusts. He slid his cock

Sue's Journey Into the Depths of Pleasure

rightly assumed the woman was a little self-conscious of her luscious womanly charms. Sue was similar to many gorgeous women in that she never realized just how attractive and sexy others viewed her. Nadine often tried to visualize her beautiful neighbor. The woman was about 5'10", which Nadine found truly alluring. She loved nothing more than

A high school student part 2

aunt for the next two days." I was stoked.We agreed that I would drive over to his house at 4 o'clock for our sleepover.Ricky gave me directions and we finished out the class period. When my I got home I didn't see my dad. He mustv'e gone into the officeor something. It was about 2:30 so I had some time to kill. I did my homework sothat I

Sacramento St

parking and the lot on Fillmore was full. I had to circle around the block a couple times because all the streets were one way, congested by crossing pedestrians and Muni buses backing up the midday traffic. Though it was a sunny late summer afternoon, the towering marble facade of the flats across the street shadowed my walk to his office. There

Mature Porn Queen

many of the seniors who live in some of the local adult communities here in southern Jersey. They all like me since I also volunteer at the community center keeping the PC’s running and teaching an occasional computer class. The center allows me to leave my business cards at the desk and they recommend me when someone asks where they can get

Rahul and Sapna Ch. 5 :- Stoking the flames of their passion

other humans.This story contains all manners of violence, torture and deviancies, if that is not your cup of tea, I suggest you turn back now.Tags: m/F, bdsm, inc, sad, scat, snuff, tort, ws, cons, rom, humil-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sapna’s

The School Field Trip

in my ear. He thrust harder. Neither of us could contain ourselves for much longer. With one final deep lunge I felt my insides stretch more than I thought possible, and then he fired his load into my young womb.I had wanted more, I had wanted it to last longer, but he shot so much cum into my pussy that his twitching cock brought me to my own


load if thetwins double worked him there, Wesley was getting him close to his releaseof teen seed."I'm cumin Wesley, move if you don't want to drown in my cum as I will blowyou away." Ron panted as he felt Wesley suck harder until he could nothold on any more and blasted Wesley with 4 ropes of his hot wet goo andWesley was shocked to find how

Aunt Neesa

my hands as if I was hugging her. For some reason I never fully comprehended, I started to act like I was humping her back. She giggled as I did it and started bumping back everytime I thrust forward. We both got a kick out of it. She laughed, but her breaths were still shallow from all the crying she did. We lay still for a few minutes. I

A Holiday Adventure CH.2

with her on the beach and yes, she and Jenny had talked about having a threesome, but she was still apprehensive about spending the rest of their holiday together. She decided to get up and take a shower, as she threw back the sheets back, she heard Nadine climb the stairs and enter the bathroom. Well, she thought, she would go and make a drink

My real life story Part-6

what I do. After school I used to spend my study time at Lucys home. If Lana is not there I used to hug and sometimes kiss on cheeks of Lucy on some or the other occasion. Sometimes I used to press my hard on to her pussy or her ass. They used to be fully dressed. But they used to wear tights so their curves used to tempt me a loooot. When her


I press the head of my swollen dick to the strangely enticing hole. You let out an incomprehensible sound as I press forward, piercing your tiny orifice with my turgid cock. Inch by inch your impossibly tight hole swallows my shaft, gripping tightly with every thrust. I'm almost half way in when you begin to wiggle your hips in an attempt to

The Hot Wife Photos Ch. 03

her with any marks like that on her.’ ‘Mrs. Sanderson,’ I said, ‘do you know of any reason why her husband, or anyone else for that matter, would want to physically assault Emma?’ ‘No, I don’t.’ said Cassie, matter-of-factly. ‘I’d speculate she and her husband got into a fight, but I don’t know why.’ ‘So you left her at your home when you left

Excitement Part 2

your nose. You were so nasty. As if sniffing them was not satisfying enough you proceeded to suck the wetness from them as if it was the sweetest juice from a cantaloupe. I had never seen a guy behave in this way. It made my engorged clitoris twitch in delight and I could not help but touch myself. My hand ran down my body until it found what it

Laura, a.k.a. The Little Nympho.. Chapter 8.. ( The County Fair )

till he groaned out so load I knew damned well somebody might have heard it.I sucked and pumped his dick with both hands and he shuddered and came hard, pumping wad after wad, after wad, after wad, of sticky scalding cumm down my swallowing throat. In spite of the huge amount, and it was a lot, I managed to drink down the whole load with only a

The Beginning

yet. Not that I dont want it but that I was with a guy who thousands of miles away from me and the only sexual implications that we had were online to which I fingered myself. I was eighteen when I first got the taste for cum, yes as I said I hadnt done it but something happened one day and it all began. My name is Tiffany Miller, I am five feet

Last Wives Club -- 12 -- Forgiveness and Gratitude

only fitting that I wear it while I let Dan take a stab at my last inhibitions. Dan had sometimes received gifts who preferred burqas and others had worn trenchcoats and masks. Unlike some sisters' husbands, he didn't seem to have a preference. So I know he won't be surprised when he opens the door to find a woman wearing one. But of course, I

The New Workout Partner

bulge in my shorts. We both break out into hearty laughter. “Say, I need to close up; are you finished?” I nodded in the affirmative. “Do you have time to take hop in the spa with me? I need some hot jets on my body right about now.” “Sure that would be great.” “Okay. So shower yourself off and then meet me at the spa. I am going to

Siblings in Love

He was very muscularly built from working out and had dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and very pleasant personality. Lisa thought about earlier in the day when she walked in on her brother with his 9” thick cock in his hand. She thought about having his thick tool deep inside her now very wet pussy.Both wanted each other but were afraid to ask or

Fuckin Dog – Part 1: The Cousin

where the enticing scent was coming from until I realized a heightened sense of smell was just another one of my new abilities. Sniffing madly, I filled my nostrils with the addicting scent. I could not figure out why, but the sweet odor felt oddly familiar. Drawn to if like a moth to flame, I hopped off the bed and tiptoed over to the door,


the same events from the point of view of each of the participants. Sadly, it didn’t work, so I’ve taken Meg’s part, tidied it up and present it here, hopefully for your enjoyment. * * * * * I met Mike at a party. Actually, he rescued me. The football jock I went with got too interested in the booze that was available and tried to get too fresh,

Chris and Sarah Part 1

lightly, feeling his well muscled body held tightly against her own softer, supple body. ‘I’m so glad to be here! Thank you for letting me come!’ She sighed as he set her back down onto her feet. She stepped back, wrapped her arms around herdelf and took a good look at him for the first time. He was about 6’5” tall, light brown hair, dark eyes, a

First time

in leaving the outline of it throbbing and clearly defined. She then stood and kissed Nina’s cheek. ‘Thank you for taking such good care of us, you’re the reason we come here.’ She then bent forward, allowing her dress to fall away from her body, giving me an unobstructed view of her breasts and erect nipples. ‘Pay the check Sam, and make sure

Convention Girl

to Dallas for a convention. It was pretty boring, but it was also intense because there was a test at the end so I couldn’t go out during the week as I had to study. Finally, Friday arrived and we had our test after lunch. Expecting Dallas to be a fun place, I purposely decided to stay over Friday night and fly home Saturday. I had gotten to know

That look in the park

ME” she kept screaming, at first I was afraid people would see us fucking in broad day light in a park but after she screamed for me to fuck her I didn’t care who saw! I grabbed her ass and slammed my cock into her and she let out moan after moan!“mmmmmmmmmmm Mattt, Matt don’t stop, please don’t stop Im gunna *pants* cum oh my god, holy shit Matt

my birthday present

to make the first move and I am Ok with that.I then puled her close to me and we started kisssing and feeling each other all over.Brandy said why dont we move this in to the living room.Lori and I were making out on the couch acting like two teenagers.I then had her straps to her dress down and was playing with her tits. They were medium sized

A Night in Suburbia

her head back as her hand slides between her legs. I stare as her fingers trace over the brown fuzz and her legs part slightly. I move closer and watch as her fingers glide over her glistening pouty lips. She lets out a little gasp as one finger slips between the swollen lips and disappears. She lifts her head and looks into my eyes as she slowly

An Amazing Encounter

clamping around me in what I assumed to be an orgasm of her own. After that I moved up pulled the panties out from her mouth and out my dick cum covered cock in after and felt her moan around it. Then I started slowly humping her face as she kept moaning. “Yes suck it.” I said as I grinned down at her. She started sucking harder. Eventually I

A helping hand

into the living room to watch the television. No argument just sheer disobedience. Jan just shook her head and went out into the kitchen. I followed the girls. I asked them why they wouldn’t help their mother and they replied that it was her job to clean up as she had made the mess because she had cooked the meal! When I pressed them as to the

Nerds of Hollyweather Ch. 01

stream of cum shot across Janice’s forehead and landed on her curly brown hair."Oh, yess." Janice closed her eyes. She felt one stream after another splash against her face. She loved knowing that a big black man was cumming on her face right now.“Ah ahh.” With semen running down her face, Wayne bent down his ejaculating cock and shot his last

Distant Love - Part 6.3 - Memories from the past....

BI" that's what I had to say...3 simple words...and I was so nervous....I came closer to him on our way home...what I said was obviously on my first language, portuguese, but I'll translate it to you..."Hum...Lucas...." I said.======================"Awsome translating buttface..." Alex said, interrupting me."Hey, you want to hear the story or

A Family Betrayal Chapter 12

Heath’. As I finish the letters I ask Jack to drive a hour away to Tennessee and mail them for me. He looks at me before I tell him I want them sent, but if they try to find me they are looking in the wrong place. He nods and tells me he will send them out tomorrow. As I put my little guys down for a nap I tear up as I tell them something, 'Guys

Hell to Pay Ch. 02

trail the men would have to take to the Jeep. Casey squatted down in the brush behind some trees and waited. ******************** Around two PM Raff opened the front door of the cabin. ‘Hey Casey, you out there?’ He called. Not getting an answer he yelled again. ‘I know you’re there somewhere. He still didn’t get a response and continued, ‘We’re

A Heavenly Dinner

other into my mouth to suckle. The elevator approached the fifteenth floor. I scooped up your top and held the ties behind your neck as I pulled you to my side. The doors opened and we almost ran to the door of the room. As I opened the door, you reached over and felt my rigid cock. You looked in my eyes and saw passion burning brightly. You knew

My First Time

smile to top it all off. I got to her house and got out of my car. As I walked up I saw her peek through the curtains with a big smile on her face. She met me at the door and invited me in. Almost immediately we started kissing. I pushed her against the wall and ran my fingers through her hair. I could hear her moan through our passionate kiss. I

Richa banged in a taxi

monster wagged in front of my face. Pre-cum oozed from it’s slit in a tacky flow and dripped onto my hair.He raised my palms to his organ and made my hold it. With my fingers wrapped around his shaft, began to hump his hips. This caused his dick to begin to harden again and soon his fingers couldn’t travel all the way around. The driver had begun

Blondies Public Fuck

now, teasing each other whenever we see one another in the library. I always make sure to wear skirts a tad too short, never wearing panties, and you always noticing. It’s funny, because we hardly ever speak to each other, we just flirt from a distance. Lately though, we’ve become bolder. I can’t get you out of my head, though I’m trying to

No Strings Attached - Chapter Nine

her long awaited climax. “Ya me viene, ahora… ya me corre!” Her hands grasp and pull at the bedclothes and her whole body tenses as an enormous orgasm builds from the depths of her pussy and spreads through her whole being. Her eyes are screwed so tight that tears form. Her pussy is pulsing, her legs are shaking and her feet jerking up and down

A Schoolyear with Sarah

her curvy, sexy body bounce. At one point I almost started to drool, but snapped out of it when the round was over. Eventually, I won. She went into her closet to get the money. She poked her head out and said "Hey, I don't have the money right now.""Find a way to repay me" I said"How about this" She walked calmly towards me and put her arms

Revenge of the Pothead Ch. 01

been decriminalized’. A quarter of my inmates are about to be back on the streets. I figured that I would start with you, since you’re the most qualified for release of the despicable lot. ‘Thank your friends in the Republican Front for that. They decided to give all potheads amnesty for their ‘consensual crimes’. Let’s just say that the new

So What?

his friend will walk up to the table, grab a handful of your hair and shove his cock in your mouth.  You'll be stuffed full of cock.  We'll find our rhythm and fuck you until you're a quivering mess."As he spoke he continued to fuck her, alternating between slow deep strokes and short shallow ones.  Between the motion of his cock and the vivid

New Family Secrets IV

balls harder as she squirted cum all over Kara's face. So I slammed back into Kara I knew I wouldn't last very long and with a sucking sound I pulled out and pounded my hard dick back into her pussy releasing spurt after white hot spurt of cum into her pussy. As I pulled my still hard dick from her pussy my cum began to run out of her

Merry Christmas, My Love

of the porch light, covered with snow, looking frozen, and holding a bouquet of flowers. ‘Tom?’ ‘M-M-M-Merry Ch-Ch-Christmas’ Tom shivered, pushing the flowers forward. Pat threw the storm door open, ‘Get in here, you crazy man! What are you doing out in this kind of weather? And where did you get flowers?’ ‘I-I-I could-couldn’t wait until the

A Week At The Office – Part One

signs me in, then with a, “follow me” she leads me down a short corridor into a small but fairly busy office.   I am looking around as inconspicuously as I can, trying to find You among the people, but a quick recce tells me You are not here.   I feel disappointed briefly, then the pleasant fluttering feeling inside returns as I know that I am

My Brother's Genie - Chapter 10

that is just the information we needed.”Appearing in the room were Alex and Frank, with their genies.“Super-strong hearing is a very useful thing for listening in on conversation through walls,” said Alex.“YOU BASTARD!” Alexis shouted, shooting flames from her palms at Alex. Miguin quickly erected a shield in front of his Master. After realising

The Office Junior - Part 12

into her cunt. I decided to test the waters a little and see how far I could go with this. I put the phone on speaker. "Stella," I saw her look up at us, "I want you to tell me how you would like me to fuck you." Her voice came through the speakers on the phone, a little tinny but loud enough so Becky and I could hear her. "I wish it was your

My Stepmother dream

I have had for sometime now. I thought that it might be fun for others to read so please read below and let me know what you think.This story is about my “step mother” or as my siblings and I call her my dads wife. My parents were divorced about 20 years ago or so and my father remarried not to long afterwards. He married a woman about his same

The Rivers All Run Dry

lifted his hands and made a swirling jester above his head. The fabric of time and space rippled and stretched only to snap right back into shape. The Beast gave a great deep sigh and the winds of space twisted and scattered before his breath. Without man to show how things were in the long run, it was all empty gestures. To his perception it all

me and my horny brother part 1

jerked him off he love it i could tell he was geting harder and arder so then i took him all the way and then pulledout and spat on his head and took it in again moveing it arounfd in side and i started bobbing up and down his huge shaft and then with out warning hecame i kept on sucking him and then he said " turn around" i did as he said he

Be Careful What You Wish For - Part 1

next to her. Joan watched as the girl sat down next to her and smiled. Suzy had dark brown hair with small tight curls and skin a darker color that revealed a mixed heritage. She had met Suzy before and they had chatted on several occasions."Hey Joan, how's it going?""Oh hi, Suzy. I didn't see you here. Can I buy you a drink?" "Thanks, but I'm

Right Away, Sir!

5’8 tan body with a pair of firm Bs. As a 21-year old woman I work as a secretary for the big boss at a big bank. I had landed this job by chance as I was applying left and right, my good wits had made me a shoe-in – and I guess my open blouse hadn’t been too shabby either. It’s a nice job with a surprisingly high salary and fairly long hours. My

Chance meeting with my ex, final

your food,” I say smiling at her while she’s slumped over her plate. She smiles back, her cheeks puffed up with food and mumbles, “hungry.” Her pace slows and we enjoy a quiet meal together. After we clean the dishes, she takes my hand and leads me to the couch. I’m pushed down, and my robe is opened. She then opens hers and I get a glimpse of

Bride of the Monster

Elizabeth had asked what Elsa loved most about her. Else answered at once: “Your complexion.” And it was true: Elsa loved the skin. Because she loved it directly, her love was pure and uncompromised. And everything was good.Then, one morning, everything changed. Elizabeth’s side of the bed was cold; the skin was pale and clammy. And it didn’t

Rattling Snakes Cage Ch. 07

as chatting up some woman that Snake fancied or a failure to pay protection money by some shopkeeper. But the outcome was always the same. A beating watched by a group of his men so that the night had a three fold reason, payback for the transgressor, a lesson for his men not to cross him and word filtering out to let others know who was boss and

A Trip To The Movies

up his pace, I so desperately wanted to cum for him. I'm normally loud when I cum, but I knew I had to be quiet since we were surrounded by people. We were kissing so hard and deeply, I was just dripping and Roy continued to tease my stiffened clit. All I could think of was when we'd get back to my place and he'd fuck me all night long, but

My New girlfriend.

Her naked body was something to behold. She had the cutest baby face I had ever come across. She had full soft breasts and a flat, toned belly. Her crotch was completely bald and she had a thick nine-inch cock. My ass was still sore.Her cock looked delicious and it had dried cum stuck to it. I leant forward, taking the tip of her massive cock

Office Sluts Chapter Two: The Team-Building

things like searching, in teams of five, for hidden treasure in the woods and solving lots of one-horse tasks. I lost all my spirit when I had to dive into a wet, cold cavity of an old tree, elbow deep. I’m no Indiana Jones, for heaven’s sake! Later on, I got to be friends with two guys from the IT department. We laughed at everything from then

The Meeting (Part 3)

and I will last 5 days. We are still on day one so stay tuned as I promise there are exciting things to come.He smiles at me as I enter the living room barefooted with only my tank top and G-string on. He leads me to the couch and pushes me down. As he lifts my legs to his lap and slowly massages my feet, I look at him and can’t believe I am